About Provost Pictures

Founded by Keith Provost, Kennedy Goodkey and Craig March, Provost Pictures Ltd. is in the business of creating commercially viable digital media to an international market. By focusing on inherently Canadian stories with a broad appeal and a strong sense of artistic integrity our goal is to create a body of work that is both unique and unified. Provost Pictures challenge themselves to make excellent quality work, and to ‘let’ it be Canadian.

History of the project
Keith Provost brought an idea, tentatively entitled The Nightmare Beast of Blood-Lake: A Scientific Overview to Kennedy Goodkey as a fun, mutual project for development.
Craig March was invited to join their creative project in 2000. After various drafts and names the project eventually evolved into The Beast of Bottomless Lake. Tragically, Mr. Provost passed away in 2001, and in the memory and spirit of Keith's creativity, Goodkey and March decided to revisit the script and to produce ‘The Beast’ in honour of their friend.

Beast was shot on HD for 12 days in May of 2007 at various locations in and around Kelowna (including Bertram Park, Squally Point, the Manteo Resort, Summerland Resort, Ramala Ranch) and on Okanagan Lake. An additional 10 days of filming in Vancouver were completed on June 13, 2007.